Monday, July 2, 2007


Yahoo SmartAds: 360 degree effort is needed

Not just Behaviorally targeted creative : 360 degree effort is needed

Anand, a colleague and friend, told me to checkout the new – SmartAds launched by Yahoo.. and added “Search information for this on Google..!”

SmartAd seems to be an interesting tool for advertisers since it would definitely reduce the spill. It’s always best to target, both contextually and behaviorally.

“Yahoo!’s next generation of online advertising helps you better connect with your audience in a more customized, relevant way. These display ads reach specific users and niche markets based on unique and expressed interests, geography and demographic profiles” – Source Yahoo Advertising center

The only concern which I see here, as an online advertiser, is the volume of search done by my target group on Yahoo as compared to Google. Even for searching the information on Yahoo SmartAds, the recommended engine was Google. I did a comparative search on Yahoo and Google for the same word - yahoo smartads.

The results were:

I agree search results always vary, but as a user, the results which I got from Google were much better and gave me a better understanding.

Though I would like to try and test SmartAds, hope it’s not too much of an experiment.

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Hi Pallavi,

I comment as a Yahoo! fan...BT is a function of many things and one component is Search Volume. The other factors include Content Consumption and Adverts that users have responded to recently ... also Yahoo! BT has set the standard in many of the world's biggest markets ... by delivering class leading ROI that often compares with search .... if you look at comscore/netratings in detail, most users spend much more time on Yahoo! Sites than any other portal...and that allows Yahoo! build a better customer DNA than most...
These don't add up sequentially ... they work exponentially :)
and thats what allows SmartAds to deliver class-leading ROI for clients and other sites on Y! Publisher Network...

Disclaimer: Though i am an employee i am not an official spokesperson... just a fan :) ...
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