Thursday, September 6, 2007


Brands with a Point of View

How is it that some brands arrive and others remain followers despite marketing and branding efforts? Is it because they have been early entrants or they really have something that differentiates them from others?

Interestingly, most brand that have strong ‘leadership” traits have mastered “outside – in approach”, which means apart from getting the Brand Image right, they have groomed company talent to internalize externally projected high expectations.

Leadership brands have a reputation of possessing exceptional managers with skill set to fulfill customers and stakeholders’ expectations.

For instance Infosys Technologies Ltd. When one interacts with the company, they expect the managers to bring latest technologies to suits best business advantage to the client. Or when one interacts with Accenture, they expect the excellence at all levels.
Leadership gets embedded in the company culture and internally is seen as top-down and externally is seen as bottom-up!



Internet to help preserve local culture and language

With increasing popularity of local languages on net and Broadband allowing the use of rich media –audio and video files, Internet can play an additional role in helping preserving local language and culture.

Rich media formats can capture pronunciation and physical movements associated with the languages in details and document the same. For instance, the Tlingit language of the Inuit people in southeast Alaska has been preserved in an online database used by schoolchildren in Glacier Bay.

More places would be seeing the development of indigenous language projects and databases online Though till now English is world’s lingua franca and with world becoming a global village, there was a threat of English becoming so indispensable in communicating that it would displace other languages.

Though until translation technology is perfected and pervasive, people will have to find other ways to communicate as effectively as they can across cultures, but as Thomas Keller, a member of the Registrars Constituency of ICANN rightly says “The net of the future will very likely evolve more into a big assembly of micro webs serving micro communities and their languages.”

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